Morning sketchiness with a chance of afternoon showers

"cafe interior #5: Transcend Garneau" ink on paper (sketchbook) NFS 

I had a sketch day...thank goodness the cafe is close to the U of A. I gave Gabriel a ride there so we could have coffee and he didn't have to take the train to the University, and I found a nice quiet corner, cracked open my sketchbook and sketched the interior of the cafe where I work! I haven't done this since last summer when I worked at the Penny Cafe in Lethbridge. I'm so pumped....then when I got home I took pictures of some other drawings in my sketchbook and posted them to if you want to see them, you had better join the fan page. I try to keep this site about the that is why there aren't any drawings posted in the gallery. I don't mind posting them on here because there is usually a story that goes along with them...and also they aren't for sale and I don't make prints of them.

I think this is about the 5th cafe interior drawing. There have been numerous mixed media paintings but they are all sold and spread around the province...I have no idea where some of them are. I was thinking it's kind of too bad because that would make for a very good show...especially showing some of my very FIRST mixed media paintings with my newer ones. There is a style change...but I still like the older work too. It's interesting to see these things side by side...and see how styles and technique have changed....even over 10 years. I can't imagine how much they will change in 20 or 30 years! A whole show about cafes that includes paintings and drawings would be a really fun thing to plan....maybe for one of my shows in the fall?


Today I am hoping to finish the portrait commission. I'm on the right track because what I have on the canvas so far doesn't make me want to pull my hair in frustration or shudder in disgust. Some days these things just take more out of me than I am willing to give...