murderous thoughts

I've not gone round the bend, if that's what you are thinking. I've not turned suddenly dark and am going to paint dark and moody things...there are no hidden ashes of problem cafe customers anywhere in the studious little flat and no, I am not updating this blog from jail. I had a thought....actually two really good thoughts (in a row....gosh, imagine! Coherent and everything on Friday afternoon PRE-beer!) about two more paintings of the girl in the hymnal dress. Well, 3 actually, but I'm a bit stuck on the imagery for one of them. But the other two, the ones I thought about today on my walk with my cone-headed dog in the back alley ways of Parkallen before dinner are pretty solid. The canvases are here and everything. One idea is a bit more 'murderous' than the other. Don't panic! They involve crows. There is only one thing in the way of getting them onto canvas.... ....the damn tree show. And I say this with much love, but sometimes....well....themed shows are a challenge and sometimes a girl just wants to paint ANYTHING else because she gets flooded with other ideas on nice fall afternoon walks with her dog...but there is a deadline, with an opening and blank canvases that have specific purposes to them. dig in and get it done. Like this:

"happy in their field"

mixed media on canvas, 30" x 40"


The photograph doesn't show it well....but there is gold interference paint on the leaves of some of the trees...and it looks awesome. This was done from a picture taken in my friend Ron's front yard, on his driveway facing his wee house and looking to the right. Stately fall prairie grass and these slender little trembling aspen skirting the small field. The thing I like most about this painting is it's size. The details in the grass are hard to make out from this little picture...but there is some nice ink work going on to emphasize direction and to make the grasses look soft. I'm bringing this one to the Garneau cafe in the AM (as it's Friday night when I'm writing this).

And now for sleep. Much like paintings not painting themselves, cafes don't unlock and open themselves either. Maybe I'll see you at the cafe in the morning? I could be the sleepy one with the large hair behind the espresso machine.