My first love

"freezing my aspen off (Police Outpost, Southern AB) acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30" $900

For those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, or have perused my art work for a probably know (if you can't see it) that my top favorite artists are Canadian. I'm a huge fan of Emily Carr and the Group of Seven. I get goose bumps looking at their work and have been known to let out a little squeal of delight and do a tiny dance when I hear there is an exhibit with paintings in it from anyone of those artists. I have some favorite artists that are Canadian and LIVING too...and most of them are here in AB.

I like Canadian artists because I can relate to them. We come from the same landscape (some of us). I like how they can capture the vibrancy and movement of the prairie sky, or the sweep of the cedar trees in BC...or the beautiful colors of winter. I'm not saying artists outside of Canada can't do this. I'm saying that the artists' who's work I know well happen to be Canadian and share the same love for our surroundings. I was in the Royal Alberta Museum with a fellow artist just before Christmas and was looking at a book of postcards by the Group of Seven. There were some paintings I hadn't seen by them, and some of my favorite paintings too. It got me thinking about how much I love painting, just with my brush and no fancy tricks. Brush to palette...brush to canvas and back again. How A. Y. Jackson and Lawren Harris  painted winter scenes are my favorite. The colors they used and how they applied the paint....never fails to make me want to race back to the studio and get painting. What better way to indulge my admiration for their work than to paint a lovely winter scene of my own with as much love and enthusiasm for the season as they did!

So...there it is. A lovely winter scene from Southern Alberta...just painted, because it is indeed my first love.

A new category has been added for '2011 works' in the drop down menu at the top of the page in the 'gallery' AND I just took the paintings to the Paint Spot in Edmonton yesterday so they can hang my show "Streets & Avenues". For more details, please see the exhibits section or go to the home page....and I will post info there too!