my own worst enemy

It's happening again. I finished the (second) first tree painting of the November show...and I'm super anxious to post it...however, I DID say I would abstain posting the finished paintings on here or my facebook fan page until all the pieces were finished and the show was ready to go up. The goal is 30 new pieces of varying sizes. 1 down....29 left to go. Is it November yet?

Heck NO it's not...I haven't been to Nelson, Robson Valley music festival OR Newfoundland. Time goes really fast and excruciatingly slow at the exact same time. How is this possible? I'm like a bloody kid at Christmas or on a roadtrip to Disneyland. Are we there YET?

Here is a painting I can share with you. It's another painting with the girl in the hymnal dress. This is quickly becoming one of those recurring themes that is very near and dear to my heart. She looked a lot different earlier on.

Her name is Morley. I'm not sure why. I first came up with this character when I moved from Red Deer to Lethbridge two summers ago, mostly because I was anxious about the move. It's tough living in one city for oh....26 years and then just picking up and leaving everything to move to a city with someone you don't REALLY know, where you don't know anyone and can't really establish yourself in anything because you are only there for 4 months before you move AGAIN. So instead of filling my journal with whining, I invented Morley. I could in the scenarios I was going through and get the anxiety off my chest and at the same time, gain a little fresh perspective on things. Plus...the drawing calmed me down and filled my time while I was looking for work and getting to know new people and a new city.

I apologize for the rather grainy nature of the image...and the fact you can't read the writing. I think it's like this from transferring the doctored image from paintshop pro on my old PC to aperture on my (fairly) new MAC. (Frickin' technology...we aren't the greatest of pals most of the time. I randomly swear at my laptop at home, quite audibly...even though I am a firm believer that 9/10 problems involving gadgets are due to the operator being a bit daft...) Anyhow, Morley is the one on the right in the top hat and stripey kind of pyjamas. The title of this drawing is "entertaining bad ideas". I didn't mean for Morley to be male just kind of happened. I drew him a few more times after moving to good and stressful scenarios, and then just kind of abandoned Morley. Then Morley morphed into the girl in the hymnal dress for the break up series. Might as well be bold and make it obvious and get it out there was the advice of some friends I talked to about "as the crow flies" and "this too shall pass".

A fourth one in the series is already plotted, again involving water.

I think this lengthy post has distracted me significantly enough from sharing the finished "beacon hill park" painting with you. For now, anyway. My will power about these things isn't so great. Silly but good problem to have I guess.