My time is not my own...but every now and then I portion some out for me

"caution to the wind" mixed media on canvas, 20" x 20" $500

Labors of love can take a lot out of you. This painting was definitely a labor of love...and I worked on it from 9:30 this morning until now....being 10 minutes to 5. Of course I did things in between waiting for layers to dry like laundry, walking to the mailbox, making the bed, keeping Gershwin off the bed because his underbelly was sandy from the walk...finished one book and started another. This is not how I envisioned the painting in my head but I like this version a lot. I want to paint another version where there are only a few dandelions that the viewer is closer there can be more detail in the seeds. That might be next along with the portrait. The image is firmly planted so I won't be able to get past it until it gets onto a canvas.

This is my debut use of WHITE ink! I had no idea they even made such a thing, but now knowing I can use that to write on DARK surfaces....well, I feel a slough of little paintings with writing coming on again. Some lovely cloudy skies on Haida Gwaii maybe.....fenced in by majestic cedars and totem poles? Also in the green area (and it's hard to see in the photo) I inked in some dandelion buds. There is also some really cool paper for the dandelion fluff that gives it a neat look and a bit of a different texture. (some nice white swirls to counteract the vertical nature of the dandelion stems) The ravens are drawn in with black and white ink. I'm really looking forward to the next version...but I think this one will be done on a narrow canvas. Not sure if it will sit tall or wide....

....and now I'm off to procure the ingredients for fish soup. Happy Monday!