my....what...BIG canvases you have!

Last studio day of Christmas holidays. And last FULL studio day of 2011. Two new canvases are on the go. The last two (I'm faaaaairly certain) of the girl in the hymnal dress. Maybe. Oh who am I kidding? There will probably be more!

So far my commission tally for 2012 is 3....and here are the canvases for the first two, modeled by none other than my faithful, four-legged companion, Gershwin.

(good dog!)


These babies (yes, there are two!) are 40" x 40" (inches)! I am pretty sure they will fit on my easel...and if not, well, the drawing table and the wall will do nicely to lean them up against as I work on them. Hooray for large mixed media portraits!

Happy Friday to you.