nearly a months worth of tiny vignettes in one short sitting

I've just gone and had done (probably) the most intense thing I've ever had done in my life. Today I did indeed get the tops of my feet tattooed. So here I am, from my perch at home, while the dogs hog the couch, with my feet up, writing. Yes, it hurt. No, I didn't cry and no, it's not finished yet. There is still a bit of color to add. The outline and the grey shading are complete. That was more than enough for me for one day (and some weeks). DSCF5319

The tops are a wee bit tender. Holy hell, that was the most fun I've had in a 2 hour time span. Nope.

(Oh yea! My Aunt Sharon made me that rad, brightly colored quilt that is sitting on the back of the chair. It's in a star shape. Probably the coolest blanket/afghan thing I have ever been given. I cannot wait to have picnics on that this summer!)

It's rather fitting I'm nearly finished this lovely 20 x 20 inch piece about snowy Ontario, considering currently they are being utterly hammered by winter. I've seen photos posted to twitter of kids ice skating down the streets! Seriously? If you are from ON and reading this, stay warm and safe.


Then before I got up today and had images carved into the epidermis of my feet; I began this lovely little piece with hoar frost covered branches reaching toward the sky. I need to rig something so I can finish these two pieces in the studio and keep my feet up at the same time.


Last week I finished the first piece from a small series of Cathedral paintings I've been wanting to paint from my trip to England. Painting Cathedrals is a bit of a daunting task. I love their architecture because of the detail, but detail is one of my favorite things to fudge or obscure with mixed media. I think I found a good balance in this first one and I love the perspective. The next one in th series will be an interior view, but I'm still deciding which one first out of 3 of my favorite photos.


'church of St. John the Baptist (frome, UK)'

mixed media on canvas, 20" x 20"


And lastly this site is getting a bit of a make-over. That whole new year/new littleness kind of thing. Instead of being a Wordpress site, it's going to become a rad new Square Space site. Fancy!

Other than these things I've just shared with you here, it's been all yoga classes, knitting projects and lovely wooded walks with our wee pack. Over the Christmas holidays we are babysitting my friend Colleen's greyhound named Chester. He's a rather large snuggler who is exceedingly affectionate and a complete sofa hog. Oh well. I get a better view of my Christmas tree from my new vantage point by the bookshelf now. It's a full house here and it's all studio days until the 30th. I won't be such a stranger in the last weeks of this year.

Enjoy the lengthening of your days and all the deliciousness and coziness this time of year has to throw at you.