Neopolitan ice cream & saskatoons

"building abstract #7; Hong Kong" mixed media on canvas 11" x 14"

I don't get to have any until I finish my commission and post a new blog. down, one to go. It's so frickin' hot...I can't stand this! I turned the fan off in the studio so that my acrylic wouldn't dry on my palette before I could get it on my canvas. The heat is turning me into a little night hawk. I can't function very well until it cools, so here it is 10pm and I'm still at it...but there is ice cream and saskatoons at stake! I'm so close to calling it a day...just a few sentences away to cool comfort...

So here is the painting of Hong Kong I was working on. It is so vibrant and has so much going on, but from what I've read and pictures I've seen and the few people I have talked to that have actually BEEN to Hong really is that intense, vibrant and busy. I found out this evening that the boat in the foreground is called a 'junk'. (Not sure if the spelling is the same as the term for all that stuff piled in your basement or know, the stuff you are pretending isn't there until you need to move it to dig out the fake Christmas tree? Yea, that junk!) I don't know why, but it amuses me that it's called a junk. I thought of titling the painting something clever like "Hong Kong & Junk" but I didn't want to offend anyone. So it's just building abstract #7. I JUST posted this on facebook, so the recipient hasn't seen the finished piece there may be tweaks and there may not be. I used the self-leveling gel on the background buildings. When you see the painting in person, it makes the buildings look a little softer almost like they are receding into the night. The water has interference blue and purple in it plus the addition of some ink lines to aid in the reflections of light in the water. It's pretty wet looking and full of luscious knifed-on color.

My resolve is dissolving in this heat. cream. Tomorrow I head south again for digging, hiking, fooding with family and other miscellaneous adventures. Hope you are having a good weekend.