new music day

Wednesday. Yup...all day. Last of my 3 day studio stretch. Two canvases are prepped and drying on the drawing table, and commission #6 is all ready for ink work and then it's ready to be delivered. It's getting colder and I have a naked, rested Christmas tree in my living room. I'm a bit sluggish today, so I purchased some new music (to me) from a band called '100 Mile House'. They make my heart glad....and they have been wonderful to listen to while working in the studio this morning. I am not going to show you what I am working on because....well, Christmas is approaching and they are commissions and I have no idea who reads this and who doesn't...and as much as I profess to like making people cry, I don't want to be the Christmas present spoiler. So no peeks fer you!

But I can show you this!

What you are looking at here is my 'idea wall'....the main wall in the studio where I am now taping up random ideas that I have and doodle on scraps of paper when I am out and about and don't have my sketchbook on me. So far the paper scraps are till paper bits from the cafe and a drawing on a napkin from a night a few weeks ago at the Sugarbowl (ah....epiphanies over beer!). To the right of me while I was taking this photo, is the drawing table with the prepped canvases for commission....which I need to get back at now.

So looking forward to Christmas break and painting whatever the heck I want....and there are some gooders on the way! Check back!