New site!

Oh technology! It makes things so convenient and on the best day I have very little patience for it. Out with the old server and in with the new. With such changes however....comes a lot of convenience for me and a bit of a learning curve. Now I have to get used to all new screens and how to manoeuvre in them....BUT, I don't have to format my photos and perhaps this new site won't have a heart attack when I post a tall but very narrow painting. Maybe? Time will tell.

So in order to not get stressed about a new site, Gabriel being gone on a dig for two weeks, having to find a new place to live (and new studio space) and getting some little niggling projects done and putting the finishing touches on a simple summer wedding (in two west coast ceremony in July and one prairie reception in August)....I have been busying myself in the studio. The new site isn't quite ready for me to post these in the for now you can only view them here.

"not likely"

ink & acrylic on canvas, 12" x 16"


I'm not a huge fan of cats....but I've been mulling about this idea for a bit. Initially I thought the series would be just about birds...but it's morphing into other animals. This one just makes me laugh. It's inspired by a cat I knew once....a very lazy cat, or so I thought. He was a gorgeous long haired main coon, and we tolerated each other. He loved to curl up on my book and swish his tail in my face while I read, and then knead my stomach with his huge paws. He could also pick small birds out of the air in one clean leap. Those poor little chickadees....they just never saw it coming.

First new post = success. Nice. Site should be up and running in the next few days. Until then...I large canvases to keep me occupied. Happy Spring!