next, please.

Day 24 of my inability to include photos on a blog post. *shakes head* I'm not whining. I can still write. I'm told that since I seem to be the only one mentioning an issue like this, that my site needs to be taken off line and pieced back together until the incompatible bits show themselves. Hopefully in the next week. Besides, I don't really want to show you the painting I have been working on for the past few days. Namely because I'm a bit lost on it and am contemplating scrapping the idea altogether. There is something to be said for avoiding the beaten path, but then getting completely disoriented and frustrated isn't a good time had by all either. It's fair to say that the second work of 2013 going to be a do-over. It happens. It's only paint.

While I was staring blankly at the birch panel this morning and comparing it to the photo I'm using as a reference, I figured I would switch tactics. Put the discouragement aside and begin something else. The outline for the first painting of tobogganers is done now, and with no clear coat on the panel before hand, meaning the roughness of the wood is showing through the paint, and the pigment is bleeding in to the wood a little bit. That's the one thing the bigger piece I might scrap has going for it. I didn't clear coat the surface before I started so it has this roughened-matte appearance, which I can still draw on with pencil even though part of the surface are painted. I already know what's going to cover it. Another winter scene, and still an Edmonton one. I'm just going to go about it a bit differently. It's too nice a Sunday to spend the better part of it mulling over a painting I don't like.