niggling little projects

I have no idea if "niggling" is a real word, but it seems adequately describe those little projects that you just don't ever seem to get to until the day they are due. I had one of those today. I didn't know the actual deadline....I knew it had to be done, but just not when. Initially it was thrust upon me the night before I left for Victoria. There was no way it was going to happen! Then I found out it didn't REALLY need to happen right then. Thank goodness! But then....this morning while I was leisurely base coating one of my lovely 30" x 36" canvases for a nice summer storm was announced that the cover design was needed in one hour.

One hour. Sigh. (insert gratuitous swears here) The things we do for love, right?

Disorganization and lack of communication on your part, does not necessitate panic and shoddy workmanship on my part. Am I right? Today I wasn't right. Also, the workmanship wasn't shoddy, and I really like how this drawing turned out. (this was attempt #2) It's difficult to draw a contraption that doesn't really exist using a visual reference for one that does. A four seat velocipede does not exist. But there are 4 branches of anthropology and this is a cover for a student journal at the U of they wanted a velocipede with four different seats. That is what they got. I am happy with the drawing, they are happy with the drawing and now I can cross one little side project off my list and finish tidying up before my friend the photographer gets here.

There is a photo shoot in the little studio today. Sunbeams and pictures. Two of my favorite things!