No beer for breakfast

"Robson Street, Moncton NB" ink, conte & watercolor on paper

Certain flavors remind me of certain things. For example...this morning I am sipping butter truffle tea and it reminds me of Lethbridge because that is where I primarily drink it and the only place I know of where you can get it. Blueberry beer reminds me of Moncton New Brunswick, and chai lattes sweetened with honey remind me of Tofino BC.

This morning I woke up thinking about Moncton and blueberry beer...probably because I have a blueberry beer in the fridge...and I know it's going to taste soooooo good after a long day of packing art supplies. (no, I'm not moving and no I don't drink beer with breakfast! Also, you can get my favorite blueberry beer lots of's from a micro-brewery in Moncton called Pumphouse.)

So today's postcard is from Moncton...Robson Street in Moncton, not to be confused with Robson Street in Vancouver. Both are very cool, have nice restaurants and nifty shops...but I think the one in Moncton is a bit more picturesque mainly due to the antiquity of the majority of the store fronts. That, and it's not so bustling as Robson in Vancouver.

Ah, wanderlust...