no one looks away when the sun goes down

There are some things you just can't shake in life. Some likes and dislikes that are so ingrained into your way of thinking for one reason or another, that they accompany you wherever you go, whatever you do. Sometimes they need to be checked, challenged and dealt with, but sometimes they are rather benign things that bring with them fond memories and just make your heart glad. I'm not talking about anything too deep. This is really a post about things I've been observing in my garden, a very small, idyllic part of my little world. One thing I can't get over: spiders. I fucking hate spiders. Too many legs. They look creepy. Yes, I understand they help with pest control and they really don't mean me any harm, but they are fucking creepy. I still scream if I get surprised by one. I've tried to get over it, but I can't. I found two giant spiders living under the railing of our deck at both entrances...lurking like creepy fucks in the corners. Their webs are beautiful and I refrained from getting out the broom and evicting them with Gusto. Fall is coming. They are getting ready for cooler weather like we'll be doing soon. I can live with them being there although I certainly don't touch the railing at the moment. If I find them in the house however, that will be the end of them.

I am proud to report however that I no longer run away from bees and wasps. I've really enjoyed watching the bees enjoy the flowers this summer, and have learned to control my desire to run far and fast when a wasp decides to investigate me and an area where I am weeding. So I am making some small progress in life.

As for the love of things I can't shake, and that are in their prime in the garden at this exact moment, sunflowers! I've loved them since I was a kid and I love them just as much now. We have some accidental ones growing in a thick forest under the bird feeder from the oil seed the birds left behind in the spring, and some other ones towering over the carrots and dill in the garden that haven't even bloomed yet. They are taller than me. Of course I need to draw and paint them!

I need to start photographing paintings in the living room. The BD painted it 'rock mountain sky blue' back in July and it is so lovely! Everything looks amazing with that color as a backdrop! Our kitchen is now teal which also makes a delicious background.

no one looks away when the sun goes down,  mixed media on canvas, 12x24(in), $500 + GST,  2017

no one looks away when the sun goes down, mixed media on canvas, 12x24(in), $500 + GST, 2017

They are lovely at all times of the day, but I especially love them when the late afternoon sunlight paints a lovely highlight on their petals and the tops of their large leaves, or how when you stand at the back of the yard and they are in full sun while the rest of the yard is shadowed, as shown in the painting. I haven't been out exploring as much of the area as I thought I might be earlier this summer because there has been so much to record and enjoy in my own backyard. Next year I will be more disciplined and get out into the surrounding area. Or maybe not.

Some of my inspiration (and plagues) at the moment. Happy Monday.