Northern musings....take 2

photo detail of painting I'm currently working (struggling, mildly) on acrylic on canvas (canvas is 24" x 30")

I thought I had a productive night last night. Went for dinner with friends but took care not too stay out too late because I wanted to work a bit in the studio on my big canvas. I even got so far as to have the outline for the painting done! This afternoon I came home after working the cafe and began to paint....and it was dreadful. I painted, I touched up, I even did dishes so I could walk away for a bit while deciding how to approach it next....and decided the best approach was a layer of Payne's Grey over all I had done and start again. There was nothing for it. I hated looking at it, I hated thinking about it and it was making me sad. So I finished dishes, mixed up some base and painted over the work I had done. Then I redrew the WHOLE thing and now I can sleep tonite and not dread working in the studio tomorrow. I even finished the background of the the sunset and trees are all done, and it's looking SO GOOD. Was it wasted time? No, I don't think so. I really wanted to paint this particular picture mostly because the lighting of it is very tricky. It's very dusk in the photo so colors are muted but there are some definite contrasts....that and I've never painted a picture with float planes in it. It's been a good challenge and the picture above is a detail of the background taken from an angle. The lighting is not that great in the studio right now (for taking photos at least) so the vibrancy of the purples and pinks in the sky isn't captured in the photo....but it gives an idea of the style of the painting so far...

Now do I push my luck and keep going, or stop, clean the brushes and call it a night where the painting is concerned.

I'm not sure.