NOT another wedding blog

Move over Martha Stewart! This little work table ain't big enough for both of us AND all my hair.

Wedding craftiness GALORE is taking over the lives of a few of my friends. There are dress beading parties happening whilst watching wedding reality TV shows (I'd list the titles of these shows in a mildly mocking fashion....but I have no TV and I don't know any of the names of said wedding shows. Oh darn.*); Etsy binging breaks where different pages are creeped for inspiration on table decorations, menu planning.....seating arrangements. And on. And on. And on.

(*insert sarcastic undertone here.)

If you love weddings, I am not mocking you. They are a lot of fun and some of the ways people put their day together is pretty creative. I however believe in keeping it small and simple. That is why I wore jeans under a cute dress and got married in my living room. I realize that's not for everyone though....and that's cool.

But then, so is eloping and having an enormous surprise party for EVERYONE ELSE when you get back, right? Heck yes! No? Anyone.....?

I've done many cool things in my sketchy career so far; artifact drawings, t-shirt designs, poster designs, murals and a wide assortment of paintings....and now I can put down my first wedding "craft" as it were. My sister-in-law is getting married at the end of this month, and the planning of her wedding reminds me of those duck shooting games at the fair. You know...the old ones with the tin ducks? Ping! Ping!! She asked me if I'd paint up her table number cards and seating plan. I said yes. And they turned out pretty great. More importantly, SHE loves them. Also, they were a blast to paint.

(all cards were drawn with pen, watercolor & water soluble graphite on hand pressed paper. the feathered edges are a feature of the paper.)

Is my art career taking a turn for the soon-to-be-wedded? Am I taking orders? Nope. Keeping it in the family me thinks...and the bearded dude's older brother is ALREADY married. ;) Sorry ladies.