Nothing doing

"To St. John's (letters to Newfoundland)" ink & acrylic on canvas, 9" x 12" $135

I tried really hard to sleep in this morning until at least there was visible lightening of the sky through the blinds...but my mind was racing with painting ideas, one of which is ANOTHER mixed media piece for the January show. Really? Guess I'm not done yet. Plus I remembered a lovely winter photo I took that I want to paint on a large I guess that takes care of the two 24" x 30" canvases in the corner that are blank. I think it might be a late night for me....but no matter. Can't think of a better way to pass the longest night of the year.

Needless to say, letter #2 (above) was completed at 8:25 this morning. I wonder how lovely Duckworth Street and all the other streets look covered in snow at this time of year. I also wonder how treacherous some of them are to drive. Some of the hills that the roads are on are so wonder they are one ways going down only. Even with salt and gravel....yikes! I'll take winter driving in Edmonton I think, even with all the snow and deep ruts. I like how the power lines in this little painting look as though they are joining up with the pole attached to the back of the stop sign....almost like a tent or canopy. I like the power lines that connect the houses in St. John's. I think it adds more character to the paintings. I'm not about EXACT interpretations of things in my work, but some things just catch your eye more than most. Power lines, colors of the buildings and the pitch of some of the streets are a few of the reasons I love painting scenes of St. John's.

Next letter is to Ferryland and has a lovely little row boat in it. Yay boats!