now showing!

Good GRIEF a month of little to no posting is a long friggin' time. I'm not gonna times it almost gave me the sweats. I'd finish a painting and be super stoked, photograph it, watermark it and then.....NOT POST IT. Self discipline sucks. Kind of. But it was very satisfying to post the new pieces for all to see. And they are going fast! Some were viewed by friends as I painted them....who promptly snapped them up and have kindly let me borrow them for this show. Two have sold today since posting the pictures this morning. So that means....there are 7 paintings available for purchase in this show. (Which I hang tomorrow @ 7:30am. It's up for the entire month of February, so Edmonton friends you have LOADS of time to get a table, drink and eat delicious things and see the new works in person!) I'm not posting them individually on the blog, because they are posted in the gallery section of this site under '2012 works' you can just click on over there, and take a look!) I saved posting the paintings so that they wouldn't all sell before the show went up. That didn't really work out so well. I tried.

So here is the show sprawled on the living room floor of the studious little flat.....not in it's entirety. Four of my very large tree paintings will also be hung in the show. It's going to be super whimsical, colorful, and I hope the patrons of Sugarbowl enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them!

And now it's frisbee time. (So says Gershwin.)