occupying what i can

Oh what a Monday....and it's not even over yet. I left the house to go running, and that's it. Otherwise I fully occupied the studio...and the kitchen. I didn't occupy the vacuum, but the little Gershwin hairballs that have tucked themselves in the corners will still be there tomorrow. And then they will be gone!

The list of commissions for the Christmas season has been growing! I'm currently sitting at 9 and 3 more are pending. Some of them I can post while I work on them...and some of them I'm not sure if I can. The intended recipients might read this blog, and recognize the subject matter....and that would be dreadful. I won't be responsible for the possible online peeking of presents. I like being able to sleep at night.

"there she goes"

mixed media on canvas, 8" x 10"

I finished inking this little guy this morning and created a new gallery for the little 8 x 10's. It's been fun painting big canvases....but there is just something immensely satisfying about painting little canvases and finishing them in one sitting. Three other commissions are currently in the works and are drying in the studio at varying stages as I type this. It was a solid day of creative work in the studio. Two more days of this and I will definitely be needing more canvas! And self leveling gel. And peanut m & m's. (They have nothing to do with painting whatsoever...but they are always nice to have on hand.)

But right now...I am thinking of occupying bed. First run in a couple of weeks (as I officially start half marathon training....again!) and I am a little knackered. I hope you occupied your Monday well.

Take care of your brushes!