oh deer.

Long weekends staying in the city are great....because most everyone has left. Yoga has been blissfully quiet. The Bearded Dude is home. We've had coffee dates and backyard fires at night. This morning we went to the AGA to check out the Dutch drawings and some Canadian paintings from the Hart House Collection. Maybe it's the heat, all the naps or the fresh air from spending the last couple of evenings outside by the fire or a bit too much time by myself, but this is what has come about in the studio today:


It's a bit ridiculous, but it did in fact come from an idea I had on my way home from Jasper a few weeks ago. I keep seeing these animal crossing signs along the highway in the park and think to myself that it would be very amusing if the herd of deer or goats on the road looked exactly like they did in the signs.

This, after spending a few hours looking at the lovely sketches of men who's last name is Van-something-or-other from 100-400 years ago and stellar landscapes from the Group of Seven and other Canadian painters I'm not that familiar with. Yup. I think I have had a little too much sun.

Happy Long Weekend.