oh, what a time!

I will admit, I am very selfish with my time. I am a lousy gift-giver. I typically don't buy Christmas gifts or birthday gifts. I'd much rather get something for someone that reminded me of them as soon as I saw it, and give it to them randomly, without any special occasion attached. Without having to. I don't think giving gifts should be an obligation. They really should come from the heart or be humorous. Why did I get on this tangent? Oh right! Time! I like to give my time. I'd rather hang out, maybe help out if it's needed. My gift to people is time. I try to be good and organized with my own time, and I do my best not to waste other people's time. It's a limited resource and I always feel the urge to make the most of it.

Well, this week I wasted a fair bit of time with a car. My car. It needed a lot of repairs. It's quite old. It was reliable and we had a good 8 year run, but the time had come. After much thinking, test-driving, looking, measuring, talking, number-crunching, reading, debating, researching, waiting, calling, signing, more waiting, the issue has been resolved and my time is my own again. At least for now. Once again I have reliable wheels and can make the most of my time to paint and adventure and do what needs to be done so we can do the things we like to do. This is the first day back in the studio to finish up this lovely commission series of 4 paintings of the client's favorite spots in Edmonton.

It's nice to think about creative stuff again after almost a week of weighing out the 'ifs', 'ands' and 'maybes' about various vehicle scenarios. So tiring. Anyway it's over, and in celebration of new things and work now completed, tonight I have time for beer and knitting and possibly curry with a friend. Five days until I leave for Toronto. Only 3 more commissions to finish up and send off before I go! Time to get back at it.