on the roam again: the Scottish episode

Friends, I am at the airport for the first time this year and I am a plaid wearing bundle of all the emotions. I am heading for Glasgow today. I brought along a freshly unwrapped watercolour journal, three boxes of mini Instax film, my watercolour travel set, my favourite brushes, my well travelled (and stained) water well, tiny spray bottle, and my soft Star Wars pencil case full of waterproof pens of varying thicknesses. And adhesive picture corners. Well, that and clothes. And a book. But the important thing is the traveling studio; the tools to record my observations, blunders, anecdotes and discoveries on my second trip to the UK.  


Holy shit! 


The past two days were spent tying up the last loose ends before the trip. Little things like letting my bank know where I'm gonna be, unlocking my phone, answering emails and updating my voicemail message, printing off lists of places to visit and thinking right about what clothes to pack.

While I was on hold with my bank, I decided I really wanted to paint an outline of a canola field from a wonderful photo the Bearded Dude (Jason, my husband.....because some people actually think his name is  the Bearded Dude. At work they call him 'Poppa Jay'. That is a blog post for another day.) took on his way home from work last week. 


He works out by Vermillion, so this was taken somewhere between there and Edmonton. From this photo, I painted this: 

field of gold, mind media on canvas, 30x30 (in), $1350 + GST, 2016

field of gold, mind media on canvas, 30x30 (in), $1350 + GST, 2016

I didn't mean to finish this painting before I left, but sometimes I get very anxious before a trip and painting helps keep my mind from running away in silly directions. I didn't have a chance to take a photo of it in better light, so that will have to wait until I get back. 

I'll be actively journaling about this trip on my blog. It's one of the reasons I unlocked my phone. Get ready for all the photos and drawings! 


Talk to you from across the pond...