one more for the collection

1 am bedtimes and me don't pair well. Last night was a delightful evening spent at the Artery. Three pieces sold and another this morning from that show. Kaity Fisher and F&M Band were a delight for the ears and heart, and witnessing the interactions of a close-knit community was really inspiring. I love these nooks that exist everywhere. These little pockets of awesome creativity, openness, that aren't afraid to welcome in someone new. I was sad to hear that the Artery was closing down in it's current space, but I was happy to see that the attitudes of the staff weren't of defeat. They were looking toward what was needed next, to keep going. It was a great night. And a late one. I'm dragging my butt today. I'm hoping the fresh air during the dog walk will perk me up.

I've spent the majority of my Sunday on the couch. Maybe I'm making up for the lack of couch time from yesterday. I completed a new watercolor sketch of my lovely yellow tulips, and this commission for my boss and owner of Transcend.

This is now the 4th drawing in Poul's collection. This started by accident back when I first started working at Transcend 5 years ago, after just moving to Edmonton from Red Deer. I was part of the new hires recruited for the opening of Transcend Garneau, the second edition of Transcend. I can't remember if I showed him a drawing I did of the interior of Garneau on purpose, or if he saw it by accident.

Anyhow, he commissioned me for a pen drawing of the interior because I wouldn't sell him the one I had done in my personal sketchbook. So I drew this,

then for some reason I did an interior drawing of the Argyll cafe,

and he bought that one, then he asked me to draw an interior of our Jasper Avenue cafe,

and then I guess I'll draw one for the new Ritchie location that is slated to open sometime in 2016. There it is, the evolution of my quirky drawings of cafe interiors, or how I spent the better part of this day, while recovering from a 1 am bedtime.

Happy Sunday.