one of six

Whoa! I just remembered a Star Trek character from this title. Anyone remember Seven-of-Nine? Maybe it's all the recent Star Wars hype with the mock Trekkie references. I never told anyone I was cool. Ever. Any assumptions you have made regarding me being 'cool' based on reading my posts or seeing my paintings are your own fault. Sorry.

This is the first drawing/painting on birch panel. I have six of these 3x18 panels, and so for the next 6 days I am completing a....piece (oh, lingo!) and posting it because making abstract drawings is still a daunting, yet thrilling challenge as of late. These pieces are for sale, if you are interested. Some of the panels (like this one) have a wider profile and will sit up on, say, a book shelf or dresser or nightstand, but can also easily be hung on a wall. They are light and easy to ship also. The painting/drawing (I'll make up my mind about this bit soon, I promise!) continues on all 4 sides of the piece.

And they are $100 just because I'm experimenting and and why the hell not? Price includes shipping if you don't live in Edmonton. If you do live in Edmonton and purchase one, I do demand a hug upon delivery because I like hugs and it's only awkward if you make it awkward.

it's getting dark out, mixed media on birch panel, 3x18 (in), $100

it's getting dark out, mixed media on birch panel, 3x18 (in), $100

It's close to Christmas and I am feeling extra sassy, can you tell?