One right after the other

It's Saturday night already? I put the finishing touches on the second Newfoundland painting which - in the theme of today's posted sketch from my trip - just happens to be a building abstract of some of the cute houses in St. John's. I'm just waiting for the ink to dry so I can put it on the easel and take a photo of it. These first two paintings will be housed in Lethbridge at the Penny Coffee House. I head down there on Monday to switch out the paintings that I have there and visit family. Yay road trips!

"Gower Street" ink & watercolor on paper in my sketchbook

One of the most remarkable things I noticed about the houses near downtown St. John's, were how they joined into the next into the next...butted up against the next building. I can see how a fire could easily gut an entire street...there were few houses that had a space between them. The only way to tell one house ended and the other began were by looking for front doors, and the really bright colors the houses were painted. Not houses had lawns. Some had street level flower boxes or little mini gardens, but they were so close to the street...there really wasn't room for much else. I took a lot of pictures of these houses and unfortunately didn't keep track of what streets my pictures came from. The angles of some of the streets that the houses were on were pretty precarious too. This drawing was done one morning sitting on the front step of the hostel and looking directly across the street. I wish people around Edmonton were a little bolder in choosing the exterior colors of their houses. A little color is not something to be afraid of!