One word; sounds like...

"burble" ink & acrylic on canvas 10" x 10"

It's hot. I'm not a huge fan of the heat, but I fare better with it now than I did as a kid. Still, my preference is cooler climbs, rainy days, spring, fall, winter...days that call for mittens or a light coat. Plus 25 is good...but anything hotter makes for an uncomfortable Stina. I'm not one for the theory of reincarnation, but if I was...I think I would have been Inuit in a previous life. You can always put more layers on when you are cold...move around to warm up, drink tea, cozy up to your dog or partner by a fire....there are only so many clothes you can take off (in public settings) before you draw unwanted attention or get arrested. Just now, the dark clouds broke and it's raining....oh reprieve from the stifling heat! Time for a run!

So....I have been neglectful in the studio BUT in my defense, it's because I have been lining up projects to work on IN the studio, and mailing paintings and the like. Feels so good to be in here right now...stifling heat or not. I'm trying to think cooling thoughts, and God bless the previous owners of little house that put a ceiling fan in my studio to move the air around. Unfortunately it makes the paint dry EXTRA fast...but it's a compromise I am willing to make during these excessively warm days of summer. (and it's not EVEN summer yet! Goodness.) Cooling thoughts...swimming, cold beer, cool showers, running in the rain....jelly fish. Makes sense. This is #1 out of a 2 painting commission for a friend of mine. I had thought maybe a wittier title would have suited it, but after working all day in a noisy coffee shop, and being around the constant background sound of the fan at home...I had peaceful water sounds in my head...and "burble" is what came to mind.

I really miss swimming but I hate swim suit shopping. I think I will suck it up and get one finally and some shorts...or this is going to be a VERY uncomfortable summer.