onesie sunday

Yup, here I sit as an adult, on my own couch, in the studious little flat, in a red plaid flannel adult onesie with feet. I kid you not! I posted pics on my instagram feed and everything. This actually happened (and is currently still happening because it's super comfy and warm). I will have to get dressed eventually however, and go shovel my walk and go to yoga. But I am zipping myself right up into this thing again as soon as I have nowhere to be. And because I am on a theme of things involving one, I'm working on a painting of a monochromatic(ish) nature from a photo I took of my backyard last weekend. So many lovely greys and white highlights. Winter light is diffused and reflected in the most interesting ways.


The title is going to be 'magpie is the color of winter'. I think there will be a poem or something in the sky and I'm hoping the lovely white paper I want to put on top of the snowy rooftops doesn't blend in too well with the paint. It's mostly trial and error at this point. A snowy day is a good day for a snowy painting.

I'd better go and leave the comforts of my flannel cocoon and go shovel. Happy Sunday.