Onto the next

It's nice out and Gershwin is letting me know by relentlessly pacing around the house and sighing, and then coming to stare at me in the studio while I draw. This is about his 10th trip around the house since this morning at 10am when Gabriel left for school. So subtle.

artifact and a drawing of another, pencil on paper (to be inked in later)

The walls at the Jasper cafe are all booked up for the year and I already have the first show booked for 2012. Spent a good chunk of the morning catching up on emails from being away. Finished drawing artifacts for the day. I can hear chickadees outside so I think it's time to call a recess. I have a painting of my own that I would like to work on today and hopefully finish. An interesting winter scape....painted background and inked foreground. So much ink. I need a cleaning break. I can also tell spring is coming by the amounts of dog hairballs strewn about the floor. Gershwin is beginning to shed his winter coat...and I need to vacuum it up.

Then paint. Little paintings. I miss the one-a-days. I think a little Victoria series is in order....and more birds. Enough chit chat.