Oh Mondays. Today is a good day for a quiet dog walk, some yoga and grilled cheese. My car is working again after a surprising no-start on Friday night at the end of a busy day of errands. Thankfully it happened in the city and not during the previous weekend's solo jaunt to Jasper in snowy weather. A false starter motor was the culprit. So many false starts around here where spring is concerned. Sure, why not a mechanical thing too? The starter motor was replaced for free, however. Hooray for warranties.

So my weekend was quieter and less mobile than I hoped, so I finished two new pieces for the show I'm setting up at Cafe Haven in Sherwood Park in the first week of May. I'm going to post all the new pieces at once. I have been posting peeks of them on my twitter feed....unfinished versions of course. It's just too easy to snap a photo on my phone and share it. I'll be sure to post them here and in the gallery after the show is hung.

Otherwise I can share with you these things:


Beneath the rad C3P0 pencil case is a lovely snap scarf that I just received in the mail today from Vancouver. Both were made by the lovely and supremely creative Joanne Lewis of Edit. She makes scarves, mitts, pencil cases, clutch purses and now baby-onesies out of repurposed clothing. She ships all over Canada and her and I are brainstorming ideas for a joint Edit/justlittleart giveaway. Maybe this spring? Summer? We'll keep you posted either way. Please 'like' her page. You won't be disappointed, I promise!

Then I went to the art store to see what goodies I could find.....and I came across this awesome bit of tiger paper! This is going to end up appearing in some hipster animal piece for Whyte Ave Artwalk or the Cafe Haven Show. Or both. It's so freakin' adorable!


Then I saw that Karyn Ellis posted a peek at the album cover which is going to the manufacturer tomorrow! I guess this means the albums and artwork are being copied and printed. What a neat/surreal moment to see one of my paintings on an album cover. I'm working on sketches for an EP cover for a lovely Edmonton based musician named Amber Suchy, and for another band in Newfoundland called 'The Shed Devils' that has some pals of mine in it.

So many things!

And it's only Monday.

I think it's time for celebratory beer.