out the door

It's Friday. What? Already? How the heck did that happen? I've been diligently working in the studio everyday. Not for as long as I'd like. There have been runs, dog walks, supper to make, a CV to revamp for gallery submissions. My to-do list has been a little discouraging at first glance. I'm faithfully crossing things off, but for every one thing I cross off, one more task is added. It's voluntary, of course....the new things I'm taking on. Sometimes I'm asked, other times it's a random idea that comes to me that I jot down. It's exciting. Tiring. Overwhelming. But I try and remind myself to take breaks, stretch, drink tea, scratch the dogs behind the ears when they come and check on me while I work away in front of the window of my studio. There isn't a lot of exciting travel happening yet. Not until June when I go to London and then the majority of August (hopefully) spent living out of a car and making stops at different points in BC. I'm OK with it though. It's nice to be home and try to keep up some kind of routine between making art, the cafe, the bearded dude, the dogs and family. I'm very happy. I kind of feel like crying. I really want to go hiking in the mountains and not hear the drone of city traffic. I want to get lost in books. Draw new places. Nap. Feed birds.

The things I am celebrating getting done this week:

1. My "Unfinished Painting Challenge" painting. It's available for sale at the Naess Gallery in The Paint Spot here in Edmonton. Some of the proceeds of this and other paintings sold go toward the gallery. Some to the artist. The show and sale begins tomorrow.


sunrise or sunset?

acrylic mixed media on masonite, 20" x 24"


2. I finished and submitted a show proposal to the Art Gallery of St. Albert for 2014.

3. I got back all 4 finished travel sketchbooks this week. I have the CD of all the scanned and cleaned up images. Now I just need to pick a self-publishing company online and get those babies printed! I aim to have them ready for sale at this year's Whyte Ave Art Walk and in the two galleries I have work in. You will also be able to contact me directly via email or facebook fanpage to purchase them when they are available.

4. Scored two more commissions. I also finished two.

5. Booked my first solo show in a gallery in about 5 years. It's happening this November. This will be my second ever solo show in a gallery. My 4th gallery show in total. I've participated in a joint show and a small 4 women group show this past summer. That brings my show total to 5 this year, not including Whyte Ave Art Walk and a small exhibit in the Garneau Transcend which will start a rotating art program later this spring.

So this evening to celebrate my productive week I am having tacos with a dear friend at our favorite taqueria. Then off to enjoy some music. I am going to try very hard not to think about all the things I have left to finish, tweak, start. That can be difficult. But it can and will be done.

Happy Friday friends!