paint and memory

I can be a very slow traveler. I'm not one of those people who wants to see how many cities or countries they can visit in the span of trip. I would rather visit one or two places, and have time to wander at leisure; drawing, listening, watching. I like to leave a city or building or place feeling like I explored it thoroughly, rather than rushing through quickly so I can get to the next place in a blur. There are lots of things to learn and remember by just sitting quietly somewhere, even if you aren't writing about it or drawing it. I can remember how the air felt when I was sitting in the east cloister of the cathedral in Wells, UK. It smelled like damp earth, like it had just rained, and it was very cool and still. I remember the heavy humidity and the stillness of the air atop Glastonbury Tor. The quiet coziness of the rooms filled with weavers looms in the Weavers Guild studio in Frome, UK. The sour and spicy-sweet smell of Toronto's Kensington Market in the heat of the summer. The gentle murmur of many conversations in French from people sprawled on blankets under trees not far from me on a hot May evening in La Fontaine Park in Montreal. The sound of mourning doves from some unidentifiable perch in Sam's walled garden at her house in Frome, and the softness of the grass in that same garden under my bare feet.

I've been thinking a lot about my travels lately, as I work on pieces painted from photos from various trips, and also because I have a few adventures coming up. However, I'm enjoying not traveling at the moment. With working on two shows simultaneously, I feel like I am finally catching up on processing last year's adventures. I didn't paint very many photos from, say, my first trip to Montreal last May. This is the first new piece for my show 'the Alleyway' which will be in the Crowsnest Pass Gallery this September.

Montreal alleyway #1, mixed media on canvas, 36x36, $1950 + tax, 2016

Montreal alleyway #1, mixed media on canvas, 36x36, $1950 + tax, 2016

It's currently hanging in Under The High Wheel here in Edmonton.

Soon enough it'll be time to break out the travel pack and be off again, so I can collect a new batch of photos and little stories to make into paintings and share with whoever happens to see them. Right now it's time for painting and remembering and scheming. All good ways to spend the remainder of a Tuesday.