party animal(s)

Sometimes a person needs days off from their days off.  All 3 studio days this week were packed full of emails, painting and visiting with friends. They were productive, but busy. Like this morning for example. I finished off these 3 dudes:

Then I took them to the cafe to hang them up....and they promptly sold. All 3 of them. Before I finished hanging them. I guess this means I'll limit my posting of new work until Art Walk in July. I have more animal ideas written down in my sketchbook. After that and some other errands I came home and began on this guy:

So far it's a pencil drawing of hats along the top of a birch panel for a piece I'm going to call 'the dandies'. It's inspired by the suited dudes of mad men, starring creatures you'd find in the mountain parks in Canada. Creatures with antlers. It's gonna be pretty neat I think.

I leave for New Brunswick on Tuesday and I'm so excited! Sketching by the ocean and visiting with a friend I haven't seen in a few years. Hanging out in the East Coast is always a good time.

So is sitting still. I'm going to practice that this evening. Wish me luck!