Permanent art

I have been tattooed twice now, and honestly I don't know how tattoo artists do it. How do they come up with cool images and etch them into someone's skin permanently and act so casual about it. It's not's skin! It's not coming off, there is no do-over, there is no going back. I was thinking about this because recently I had a friend ask me to design her a teacup tattoo. After a few attempts that I wasn't happy with, I finally realized A) it wasn't what she was looking for and B) I am not a tattoo designer. It was very stressful coming up with something that was going to be on someone I know....forEVER. Kudos to all those fabulous tattoo artists that deal with that kind of stress for a living. You people are amazing.

"solo tea cup" ink on paper

I like drawing wonky tea cups....but this should not be a tattoo. It should be a drawing....and soon it will be a painting, or at the very least, this little drawing I did inspired an idea for a painting that I am currently working on. After obsessing with teacups for a week or so, I think I should paint something about one and then get it out of my system so I can move onto other things.

This evening....after a VERY busy weekend in the cafe, I did move onto other things. I moved onto THIS!

"just over the border in Washington" acrylic on canvas, 22" x 24" $600

This is not from one of my photos. It's from a friend of mine's photos from her trip to the states where she ate and drank some tasty things at some tasty places. She shared photos from her trip on facebook and I began going through them as I do when people post photos. I saw this one and wanted to paint it. I loved the sweeping sky and the scrubby bushes in the foreground. I loved the bleached grasses on the hill and the funny shelter in the foreground. It kind of reminds me of southern Alberta, but the caption on the photo is 'just over the border in Washington'. It's been a couple of months since I initially spotted the photo, but I came across it again around Christmas and wanted to get it painted soon, so here it is.....sweeping sky, scrubby bushes and blazing summer sun....just over the border in Washington. (No my writers are not on strike, and yes I came up with that stellar rhyme all by myself!)

Thank you for the use of your photo from your fabulous summer road trip, Mel.