I've said it before and I have thought about it way too much, but there really isn't a profound reason for why I get such a kick out of painting goofy portraits of animals. None. It's kind of like blowing bubbles in chocolate milk when no one is watching; why the hell not?

I just finished this hilarious PETrait today:

mom, you're an asshole!, mixed media on birch panel, 16x20, 2015

mom, you're an asshole!, mixed media on birch panel, 16x20, 2015

I didn't pick the title. It was the caption that the photographer gave it. This is Blake's dog, Maggie May Smith. Blake is a wonderful Edmonton based photographer, passionate citizen and stunningly gorgeous, tattooed babe. I'm pretty stoked she wanted me to paint this picture of Maggie. I may have put a bug in her ear about it on her IG account when she posted it, as I do. I seem to have a knack for making work for myself in the best possible way.

Well, this is one of two commissions I completed today, that are due before Christmas. Six more to go.

*Please note, I am totally down with painting a rad portrait of your pet, past or present, but I am fully booked for this year and am not taking on any new projects until the new year. Even then, it'll be a limited number as next year's shows are already booked and waiting to be created and hung. Shoot me an email in January if you are keen on commissioning a PETrait.