please be seated

Part 2 of my first ever wedding craft is finished, delivered and loved. I'm SO glad it's done. Don't get me wrong....I volunteered for this and I love how the table number cards and the seating plan turned out....but I was a bit of a stress case in the studio yesterday. First off, I have never painted a watercolor this big before. My watercolors so far have been postcard sized to 10" x 10" (size of current watercolor travel journal), and this seating plan was done on a lovely piece of paper measuring 22" x 30". Tiny watercolors are easier....smaller surface area so you don't have to be as quick when using certain techniques. Color mixing is a bit quicker too on smaller pieces; you don't need as much. I was also using a different type of paper than I'm used to. It had a much rougher texture. Water absorbs quicker. My pen needed to have a thicker line too, to show up better from a distance. The first few lines and brush strokes were a little daunting (as in oh no....what have I gotten myself into?), but I quickly got the hang of it.

Then, there were the names. And the placement of them. Fifteen tables in total. Eight people at each table. The table groupings needed to be spaced well to fit on the paper AND be easy to read. How does that old proverb go? Measure a thousand times and cut once? So I measured (a lot), and lightly marked (a lot) and figured out the spacing (GO ME! *sip*).

Then it was time to ADD the names. (Cue sweaty palms!) Names with odd spelling. Names I didn't want to spell wrong and offend or confuse anyone. Since I was pressed for time, I braved it and wrote the names in ink, first go with much double-checking. Forty-five minutes later, 3 stretch breaks, 2 (more) sips of scotch and......VOILA! A seating plan in a birch forest with ZERO spelling errors (in comparison to the list of names emailed to me. Any errors in spelling are the fault of the bride and groom who emailed me the list, and shall remain nameless in this post).

(watercolor, pen & acrylic ink on hand pressed paper)

Back to the mountains tomorrow for one final camping trip of the season, and to see these crafts in action! Also, I have two more pieces of this paper that I'm really looking forward to painting on when I get back. Not sure what's going on them yet. Enjoy the last weekend of your summer, friends. Sweater season is nearly upon us!