poems for me

Lately I find myself with more time, and a bit overwhelmed at this new prospect, but slowly, steadily, patiently (somewhat) I am finding my legs. There has been more picture taking and poem writing. I have no idea if the poems (or the pictures) are any good, but I keep at it because I like it and I like sharing things I am working on in this space and you, I guess, like reading about them because you are reading this at this particular moment in between things that otherwise occupy your time.


September golden-ness captured on the way to the Crowsnest Pass from Calgary on Saturday morning. 

And then, today's poem: 


there is a light in the middle

and i'm not sure i like it.

a circular void, like a light bulb

pushing the richer colours

to the outer edges. 


shouldn't it be angled? 

coming in from one side

or the other? 


why is it pulsating in the middle? 

between half-drawn leaves, 

the suggestion of petals

and intimate centres of flowers, 


awkwardly standing there, 

like me in front of this painting i am

not sure i like.