pole dancing, fun with wood, and other sunday activities

That got your attention, didn't it? I am car less, currently. Little car is in the shop getting ready for the road trip. I needed to walk to the grocery store today to get a few things. I was grooving to Dan Mangan on my headphones, sipping a coffee on my way back and twirling around sign poles. It was just that kind of a care free day. (That takes care of the 'pole dancing'.)

This evening I put the finishing touches on a lovely painting of a scene from the 124th street area shopping and gallery district here in Edmonton. Then I put the first few layers on painting #6 for the show. A lovely interior shot from a great cafe in Coleman Alberta called 'Blackbird Cafe'. It's in an old church and rumored to be quite the music venue. It's also for sale. I hope someone who loves music, coffee and the local community buys it and keeps it awesome. The painting is of an open cupboard stacked with cups and dishes. The back of the cupboard has a very noticeable wood grain texture to it and so I reproduced it on canvas by etching into the wet paint with my handy miscellaneous paint etching tool. If you want to see a peek, you have to follow me on twitter (justlittleart). It's the last insta-photo picture I posted this evening. (And that takes care of the 'fun with wood'.)

Now for the 'other Sunday activities':

"down the street"

mixed media on canvas, 30" x 36"

Ok, this painting was not really a Sunday activity. I finished this about a week ago and was just able to post it today. It was a commission by a friend for another friend for his birthday (confused yet?), and it was given to him last night....so now I for SURE won't wreck the surprise because it's hanging on his wall. He (the dude that it was given to) is from Newfoundland and so I was commissioned by the other dude (the giver of the painting) to paint an awesome picture from one of my Newfoundland trips. This was from my first trip to Newfoundland in 2010. Behind me in the picture would be the historic St. Thomas's church (if memory serves me well).

Tomorrow is the day before the road trip to Winnipeg. Why? Why not! I love long drives. I love Canada. I love taking pictures. I love sketching by the road side....in the car.....in pubs....you know, wherever.

Sundays off from the cafe are rare for me and this was a lovely one. I hope your Sunday was too.