postcards from japan (kind of?)

Sending mail is one of my favorite things, especially postcards. It feels like a more thoughtful act. You need to find a place to sit, put down your things, dig out a pen and something to write on and then write a note to that person. Then you need to find a post office or mail box so you can send what you wrote. It takes a bit more effort than just firing off a text. Of course, you could be a real keener and bring blank watercolor postcards with you that you can draw and paint on yourself, flip it over, write the note and then send it. I happen to be that keener.

Only, that didn't happen on this trip. The sending part, I mean. I ran out of time to both color in the postcards and find a post office to send them through. It happens. I got too distracted filling the pages of my sketchbook, exploring shrines and eating tasty things on sticks with sticks! I did draw these postcards on location, but then I brought them home, colored them in and sent them off from the post office here in Vermilion.


The postcard shown above is the one we ended up giving to a sweet old man who the BD attempted to chat with while I was drawing at the Kiyosumi Botanical Garden on our last morning in Tokyo. I say attempted to chat with because the man didn't speak any English and the BD and I don't speak any Japanese. I shared this story already on my Instagram feed, but didn't have a photo of the postcard I gave him. My phone was full of photos and I had run out of film for my Instax camera as well, but fortunately the BD had his camera and was able to snap a quick photo of the drawing for my archive.


The recipients of these don't know who they are yet, as I just sent these babies out on Friday, so they are just arriving at some of their destinations now. That is also part of the fun; sending random shit that you drew to your friends to make checking for mail a little more interesting.