Poster child

poster for group art show in Lethbridge, AB ink, gesso & watercolor on cold-pressed paper

The past 3 evenings I have spent perfecting my latte art...or rather, learning and relearning how to properly pour latte art. I'm getting there! I was having a heck of a time yesterday pouring a heart, but I poured fairly decent ones today. Then I made the mistake of opening my big mouth about my rosettas not being too bad...and epic fail on those yesterday too. Oh muscle can be a tricky thing!

You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? And IF you know...are you willing to admit that you are a complete coffee nerd? (good for you!) If you go on youtube and type in 'latte art', you will see examples of what I'm spending my evenings trying to master...

But that is not what I have been working on in the studio. (mostly because I don't have a pump driven espresso machine, doser, tiny milk fridge and several pounds of espresso at my disposal in the studio. That is just as well....NO painting would be getting done!) I have been working on tweaking the portrait, and the above poster. It's been weeks since I've played with my watercolors. This morning was SO much fun, and so were the results. I love designing fun posters on the fly. Now I just need to teach myself how to design them on my laptop and I should be good to go. One thing at a time though. A technique I learned for interesting layering effects in watercolor....a very watery gesso wash over parts of the soften it and make it fade into the background a bit! It works really well, and gives you interesting textures above and beneath the gesso. Thanks for the tip, John Lovett. You are one of my watercolor heroes!

I'm all about mastering things lately. Watercolor techniques, portraits, latte art...when I get better at the latter, I will be posting pictures!