poultry bridge

I am not smooth or particularly cool at the best of times; and even less so when posting things from my phone, or emailing from my phone, or texting people. I'm not sure if my thumbs work faster than my brain or if auto-correct just has it out for me.....but at times the phrases formed and sent before I've had a chance to look it over are pretty damn funny. Like my email conversation with my friend Sam about this painting:


'pultney bridge, bath, uk'

mixed media on canvas, 20" x 20"


My friend Sam sent me an email shortly after I shared how this painting was coming along the other day in another post. She included the title of the bridge which is great, because I had no idea what it was called, but when I emailed her back about it (from my phone), the damn thing switched 'Pultney' to 'poultry'. Sigh. She quickly responded that yes, she would indeed like to purchase this painting; butΒ only if it had a chicken in it.

Smart aleck.

I may have added a chicken into the painting. Maybe.

In other news, yesterday I got confirmation that I will indeed be designing the new album art work for Del Barber's upcoming album!Β  Four album covers in one year! November sure is keeping me busy. But today so far finds me under caffeinated, so I'd better go and fix that. Happy Sunday.