So, this one time a musician that I admire by the name of Del Barber happened to tweet a few months back that he was working on a new album. He'd been following me on twitter and instagram for a few months by that point, and had liked some of my IG photos so I thought: why not? Ask if he needs album artwork for the new album. So I tweeted him and asked and he politely asked for a link to my website. Unfortunately heΒ  already had an artist who was working on the album artwork already, but he did say he liked my work enough to keep me in mind for the next album. 'Bonus!' I thought. He saw my work and liked it. That's something!

Then a few weeks later I got a direct message over twitter from him asking how busy I was in the next few weeks. Before I knew it, I had digital files of his new album in my drop box and he had approved the sketch I made from the ideas he shared with me briefly over the phone for the album cover and then...


(diptych for album artwork for 'Prairieography')

2 panels 24"x 24", mixed media on canvas


(close up of left panel)



(close up of right panel)

...I suddenly had a 4th album art work project on my hands. I'm really, really proud with how this turned out and grateful that I persisted at the start of 2013 in my portraiture. This piece will be seen all over the place. It's for all time. It's on his roster of awesome music and I got to be a part of that. It's also on his website now with a release set for sometime in February. I'm floored as I am every time someone finds a connection with the images I put onto canvas enough to want to take it home so they can see it every day, or give my work as a gift to someone they love. I guess he gave these to his parents as a Christmas gift because they are his biggest fans. Neat!

And that is it for this year, friends. What a crazy ride. What fantastic collaborations. Keep it coming in 2014! I keep buying canvas and keep getting ideas for new paintings, places to put paper, how to interpret things with ink, shadows, thick paint. Thanks for reading. Thank you for your comments, emails, texts and visits in person when you've been able to make them.

Happy New Year!