12:30pm. There is a tiny bit of sun beam still lingering on the upper left corner of my work table in front of the window; directly opposite from where I type this. The water in the paint well right beside me is a lovely warm blue, but that's not the color I'm working with today. It will have to wait for something else. I need to change the water. It's distracting me with it's lovely color. It could be a background for the lovely 24x30 birch panel that is resting on my easel which is to my right. It has a lovely coat of indian red on it. A deep rust color. I'm envisioning patchwork blue sky and a skattering of birds on hand drawn polaroids floating just above the surface of the panel....secured loosely with weathered clothes pins. Like laundry basking in the sun. Like I basked in the sun while walking back to my car this morning; toting a bag full of locally grown goodies for munching.


I'm determined to get this album cover mostly done. Today. To the point I can take photos of it and send it to Karyn to see what she thinks. It's a bit nerve wracking. I sent her a sketch, and we've emailed back and forth. I know I'm on the right track. She's excited. I'm still nervous. I've never designed an album cover before. I want to do it again.



I'm a clock watcher on a Saturday. I spent the evening last night with my friend Lizzie. She is teaching me how to knit. I want to see at some point today if I can start a little something all on my own. A skinny scarf? I want an excuse to but some lovely wooden buttons from the stall at the farmer's market (Prairie Knitters). Up until now there was no point, but now I'm on that road and it makes me smile thinking I have a reason to buy them and even better; something to put them on.


That little grey square at the bottom right is my fruit from last night. Drinking and knitting. I have pretty consistent tension already and I didn't drop a single stitch. A few got twisted along the way, but for attempt #1, I'm excited! I can do it. It's just as exciting as practicing my chord changes on my guitar. D to one-finger G is coming along. Today it will be D to three-finger G. My fingers are slowly remembering where to go. I found myself practicing the fingering inside my mittens on the way to the market this morning; while thinking about making button loops on a scarf to fasten it together in loose loops about my neck; while thinking of swirly paper and what layer goes next on this painting for the album cover. There is plenty to think about today. There are also 3 pacing dogs and a sleeping bearded dude in the guest bed. The day is full, but pleasantly so.


(the end)