Recycling old canvases

8" x 10"

If you have purchased a painting from me, there is a 20% chance that really you have TWO paintings and don't even know it. There is one person who really has a 3 in 1...but then third time is a charm, right? The above painting for example has been painted over and turned into "Snow Church, Northern ON". The initial painting was for a competition I entered (when I worked at Starbucks) to design the new Starbucks Cards that were coming out in the spring. I sent this little canvas and two little watercolors to them. I got the canvas back, but never did see those watercolors again...oh well. But it became one of those paintings I did that I had sitting around that kind of made me shudder. Thank goodness for gesso...or a really dark color...paint over it and voila! You have a perfectly usable canvas for something else...and hopefully something better!

This morning I painted over 3 little canvases I had sitting in the studio. They were little paintings of the sky at various times of day with various lighting and clouds. It was part of a painting that I still want to do and will, but there has been a 6 year gap from when I started them until I think I will just shelve that project and start from scratch. Maybe I'll work on it a bit for Art Walk in July. We'll see what happens. So...3 recycled canvases....3 new one-a-days! Nothing goes to waste.