relationship status?

A few weeks ago, it was Valentine's Day. I'm not sure how you feel about that day, but every year as it approaches, I try and keep an open mind about its annoying cuteness and think 'maybe this will be the year it won't annoy the crap out of me.'

This was not the year for that, as it turns out. I still hate Valentine's Day. Not for any good reason. I liked it as a kid; when you give out brightly colored cards to everyone in your class. As a teenager, it just got awkward. In adulthood I got growl-y about all the pink & red and questions about my plans and then questions about why I didn't have plans and then questions about why I was getting so annoyed at all the questions. It's a stupid day. I'm blossoming into a cantankerous woman. However, it did get me thinking about relationship statuses and how we like to post them on social media. We've all done it. I'm a participant in that bullshit. 'In a relationship', 'single' (with a broken heart affixed to it), 'it's complicated' (Well, obviously! It's 2 people figuring out how to get along after the fireworks settle and you aren't seeing spots from the bright light show, and then one night when you're both tired, they want Thai and all you can think about is ginger beef and chocolate cake.) or 'in an open relationship', etc.

There is not always a logical correlation between what I'm painting and what I decide to name that painting when I'm done. This small series is no exception. While I was doing my best to ignore Valentine's Day and not rant about it (too much), I was finishing up a small series of lovely alleyways from my trip to Toronto in November. I head back to TO for a few days next week, and I need to swap out a painting at the Mercer Cafe and send it off to Victoria today. The piece I'm hanging in place of the one I'll be swapping out today, is this one:

it's complicated (toronto), mixed media on canvas, 24x24, $865, 2015

it's complicated (toronto), mixed media on canvas, 24x24, $865, 2015

The few in this series so far all have names based on relationship statuses that (kind of) fit the pieces. This one was a tangle of lines, stairs, doors, windows and shadows. It was complicated to outline.

Happy Friday.