It's hard to believe that yesterday morning I went on one last lovely beach walk on Bayshore Beach in Saint John, New Brunswick, and today I'm back home working away merrily in the studio. It was a lovely 4-ish days back on the east coast. The weather was mild, we went to a lot of places, I ate a lot of seafood, we walked a lot, I read a lot, I knit so much on the plane that I ran out of wool, I took lots of photos on my phone and with my instax camera, but I didn't do any drawing. That was a little weird. It wasn't on purpose. I brought my sketchbook and the usual supplies; watercolors, pens, tiny water well. It wasn't for lack of inspiration, that's for sure. I just wanted a good break. I've been in the studio working on things everyday for the past few months and it was nice just observe things and think about them and write down a few ideas.

We woke up early this morning, got coffees and took the dogs to our favorite park by the river, so they could have a good run. I thought about what I wanted to get done in the studio today, we came home and then come the nerves.

Did I get 'rusty' after 5 days of not drawing? This always flashes through my mind after any sort of break. To curb the 'nerves', I covered 2 new canvases in red oxide primer, searched for some images as reference photos and just got to it.

Sometimes the best way for me to beat my reluctance to start things, is just to plow ahead like the stubborn ox I can be, and get it done. So, there you have it. Five new outlines. A goat eating ice cream, a horse eating cotton candy, a pug enjoying a toffee apple, a balding monkey with some movie popcorn and 3D glasses on his head and a greyhound having a popsicle. These 5 are a in a series called 'i'm only here for the food'. I think there will be a few more. I need something devouring a watermelon, a corndog and some corn-on-the-cob, because it's summer and these are things we eat in the summer, folks!

It's a day to kick ass and take names. Trying to think about what other things around here or in the studio I've been reluctant to tackle. Today seems like a good day to conquer just one more of those things!