remember: only YOU can prevent whining!

I was suffering from ''roastbeastia comatosis. It began around 5:30 this evening and subsided finally about an hour ago. I'm sure you've suffered from this too (unless you are a vegetarian). Potatoes. Gravy. Yorkshire pudding. That sluggish feeling that makes you wish you could curl into your warm teacup after dessert and call it a night. Early bedtime was looming, but I walked to said dinner at my in-laws, with anxious and happy dogs....and dammit! We were walking BACK. And somewhere between the golden light and long blue shadows cast over the sidewalks by the trees, and the wafting May Day blossoms just two doors down from my house....I found my second wind. And beer. On the studio table. Big bottles of Phillips. Oh, that new husband of mine...well, he's just swell!

The sounds of summer have begun. Lawn mowing. The neighbor across the street airing out the rooftop tent of their Westfalia and tuning up the engine. The loud top 4o tunes blaring from the parent's vehicles of the young punks speeding down 109th. My sandals on gravel. Grass. Pavement. Evening soccer games in the school field. It's so lovely. I'm so glad I was out in it. It's really great to be home!

This lovely walk home inspired this:

(As did my husband.) You see, the running joke was that when I did a postcard giveaway on my fanpage....HE didn't qualify. My reason was you can't date the artist and get preferential postcard treatment. That's not fair to everyone else. He gets to see everything before anyone else. He lives here! He sees paintings and drawings in various "WTF-is-that-gonna-be" stages, so he shouldn't be allowed to be part of the postcard giveaway. Right?

But oh the WHINING. Oh dear. So, fine. That was my rule while we were dating. We're married now. He said he wanted to see me paint this picture from our first trip together, which was to Newfoundland last fall. He also hinted he needs a bookmark. I really love this photo because I look at it and can remember the sounds, the smells, and the feeling of walking along the trail that day. The blustery wind. The sea spray that coated us. The roar of the sea. It makes my heart glad and reminds me why I paint.

(I also paint to prevent whining.....but only in some cases. As in, it might prevent whining but only in SOME cases.)