rhymes with 'banana'

It's Friday and I think I overdosed on coffee.....juuuuuust a smidgen. I had a little time to play with my water soluble graphite last night, but I figured I should take my sketchbook to work to sketch on my break so I could sneak in a bit more time playing with the graphite. Sometimes it's best to work under pressure so you don't have too much time to think and get intimidated by new things. A half hour break. Another coffee. A cookie. This is what happened:

Here is my friend Anna (rhymes with banana!) working the espresso machine at the cafe today. The outline was drawn in waterproof pen and the shading was done with the water soluble graphite. That stuff is SO GREAT!

One blank page down....only one more to go and then travel sketchbook #4 is filled....and it just so happened that I got a lovely bouquet of sunflowers from my mother-in-law yesterday. I LOVE sunflowers! So:

Last page of sketchbook = successfully filled. Then last night I didn't get into the studio until around 10pm. I saw this great photo on facebook a few weeks back that my friend Carmyn posted of her and her new cat, Gatsby and thought I might like to paint it sometime. So I did just that while sipping tea and eating a chocolate biscuit.

I used the water soluble graphite in the background of this postcard, and then sprayed the picture with a finishing spray. I sent it off to her in the mail today, so she should get it sometime next week.

So now I can officially begin one of my new watercolor sketchbooks. I don't have any crazy travel plans coming up, so I'm challenging myself to be a tourist at home again and sketch in Edmonton. It's going to be fun and I already have a small list of things I want to sketch one one of my dog walking routes in my neighborhood. Enough work for this Friday. It's time to visit friends. Make wise choices this weekend, hmmm?