robo-arm likes to paint boats

I got a big tattoo a month ago. A partial sleeve on my left arm. A henna pattern. It was just the outline. It goes from the top of my shoulder to my elbow and then a tendril of the pattern curls alongside where my elbow bends. Today I went in to get it it's all bandaged up again, at least until morning. No color. He shaded it with dots. Oh how I love stippling....unless it's being done to me with a tiny needle for 3.5 hours on tender portions of my arm. Or I'm working on an ink drawing with lots of shading needed. Then I don't like it. Now I like stippling just fine...but then I am home and not being poked with an inked needle....and there is eggnog in my fridge and rum in the cupboard next to some nice bottles of scotch. Currently my arm is wrapped up in a large sterile pad with a hot pink self adhesive tensor bandage...or vet-wrap. (So hot...all the kids are wearing it....sigh.) It's difficult to move and feels it belongs to someone else. I need to take it and my dog for a walk and then sip rum & eggnog to help battle the discomfort. But first....blogging. I like to paint boats and it just so happens that A) the commission I am currently working on is of Balinese fishing boats on Sanur beach and B) the little insta-paint-a-gram I am also working on is from a photo I took on my most recent trip to Newfoundland. Keeping creativity (and lame puns) afloat this evening!

Newfoundland boat to the left....Balinese fishing boats to the right. Yes, it's fine that I post what the Bali boat painting looks like so far, unlike the pair of lovely commissions I finished yesterday, which are gifts for someone who did not do the commissioning(?). (I am uncertain if that is a correct sentence or not.) I have a date when they are being given to the intended recipient so after that I am good to post. I am hoping to finish the Balinese fishing boat one tonight. But now I must tend to the brown eyes boring into me from the front entrance way. I can feel them even in the dark. My dog is persistent and far to cute for his own good.

Plus, we both need the fresh air. And the paintings needs some time to dry.