rockin' the boat

Last night I was at a party. It was a farewell party for one of our co-workers who is going to school in Oslo, Norway. It was her last night in town. Her plane left today at 1pm. She's gone for two years...maybe longer, depending on life events and other random adventures. This sure has been the summer of transition. So many comings and goings of people and opportunities. It used to make me really sad, but now it just makes me excited more than sad. So...this chapter is done, what's up next?

"calmer water"

mixed media on canvas, 20" x 20"


Boats and water. I love to be in them and I love to paint them. I remember kayaking for the first time a few summers ago on a quiet lake up in the mountains by Fairmont. The weather was perfect and sunny and the little lake was like glass and just about as clear. The kayak glided so easily over the water....and it was this kind of euphoric suspension of floating on the surface and being able to peer down to the minnows swimming along the bottom of the reeds along the shore. My rowing experience on Waterton Lake a few weeks ago wasn't nearly so calming...but it was still awesome. It's difficult to row a row boat on a lake situated in the middle of a wind tunnel from the mountains to the prairie. Exhilarating for sure and I will gladly do it again. Between the choppy waters and having to keep the rowing rhythm of the person in front of you was a lot to think about for a first timer.

Things have calmed down a bit in my life. I think that's why I'm digging painting boats on calm water lately. That and only 22 days until Newfoundland. Boats. The Atlantic. Fisherman...that could be part of it too.

22 days. Eeeep!