Rogue daisies and other blessings in disguise

"two canoe" acrylic on canvas, 6" x 24" SOLD

The 'genius' applications on itunes has killed the art of the mix CD...for most but not for all. Now you can open your itunes, click a button and it will randomly select a playlist based on music it somehow figures goes together. I've used's handy for random listening in the studio, but I wouldn't trust it to come up with the perfect mix for a road trip or a gift. I got thinking about this when I received a random email on Sunday thanking me for a CD I made sometime ago. The mix CD was inspired by a road trip to Tofino in 2007 with someone I was seeing at the time. I drew pictures on the CD to highlight some of the funny moments and inside jokes that were shared....and this person was apparently cleaning out some stuff and came across it and began listening to it again. It brought back some great memories they said and made a positive impact on them somehow. They didn't elaborate in their message, and I can only guess what that impact might be...but either way, I'm glad for it.

This is a painting of my friends Adam and Byron canoeing on the Great Slave Lake in Yellowknife. I was standing on the small deck of Susan & Byron's houseboat. It would be a really lovely thing to have a canoe ride as part of your daily commute to and from work. I haven't spent a lot of time in canoes...but man are they great. Gershwin even fared well on his trip to and from the houseboat! (Mostly I was concerned with his love of water overwhelming his ability to listen to me and NOT tip over the canoe in his eagerness to go swimming!) It was kind of a rainy day and in the distance you can see some of the small islands where other, brightly painted houseboats are anchored. Such a huge lake! If it weren't freshwater it would be a sea. This painting has made me realize I need more canoe trips in my life.

And the rogue daisies? They are growing in our front lawn.